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Hi Folks,

I've been in the tech industry for a while, trying to land a job in some of the larger technology companies (FAANG hopefully), I have the experience, but getting noticed by the recruiters / landing an interview seems to be the hardest thing right now. Can you please take a look and let me know what I'm missing

Results oriented leader with passion for building great engineering teams obsessed with delivering customer value. I’m looking for opportunities to build great teams delivering solutions to challenging problems.


• More than 16 years of experience with proven track record of building results focused teams delivering customer value across multiple domains.

• Certified SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for enterprises) program consultant (SPC) experienced with leading global agile teams.

• In-depth knowledge and experience with development and deployment of globally distributed systems across multiple domains; e.g. e-commerce, cloud and medical systems.

• Experienced with helping companies adopt CICD / automation practices to enable delivering value in smaller batches.

• Self-driven and motivated to learn newer technologies and systems.


· Leadership & Team building

· Estimation & Forecasting

· Cost/Benefit Analysis

· Managing change & Uncertainty

· Project Management

· Software Architecture

· Systems Engineering

· CICD / Automation

· Distributed Computing

· Microservices Architecture

· Experience with multiple coding languages (Golang, Java, .Net)


• M.S in Computer Science


Director of Engineering

XXXXXX is a global leader in Oncology Informatics and Radiation Treatment systems. XXXXXX has several Radiation Treatment systems like Linac, Brachytherapy etc. supported by a global engineering organization.


• Formed & led a cross functional engineering effort to establish CICD practice helping integrate multiple product lines faster and release smaller batches to customers.

• Leading efforts to develop a common XXXXX service fabric to support various XXXXX product lines and paving way for a cloud native future for delivering cancer treatment solutions faster.


Technical Leader


• Part of XXXXX core engineering team developed DDOS mitigation software to avert Layer 4 & 7 DDOS attacks on core XXXXXX applications.

• Lead XXXXX OSS (Operational Support Systems) team to deliver a platform for monitoring and log aggregation from globally distributed XXXXXX and partner data into a central data center of Cassandra and ELK Clusters.

• Lead implementation containerization strategy for the platform and helping drive the overall devops strategy for the larger XXXXXX Org.

• Involved in setting the overall API design guidelines and guiding the development of internal and external APIs.


Technical Director


• Part of XXXXXXX Cloud Innovation & Leadership team, researching and developing open source solutions based on Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes, Golang to evangelize XXXXXX cloud platform to developers.

• Developed several open source tools to enhance docker platform toolset using Golang and bash scripting, e.g, and several others.

• Designed platform and integration architecture to build efficient integration between multiple new and existing systems across XXXXXXX and various SaaS vendors.

• Expertise on various systems including ESB (Enterprise Service Bus: Mule), Parallels, CA AppLogic, vmWare vCD (v-cloud director), EMC Atmos, Public Restful API design/security, Security architecture, Integration patterns, Parallels SaaS platform integration, Java, MySql, Spring Framework, PHP etc.


Software Architect:


• Part of the leadership team that led initiatives to establish KPIs for various departments.

• Established departmental software development standards, coding standards, CI process and peer review processes.

• Mentored the development team on technical standards including application of newer technologies, agile methodologies, efficient developer tools, and best practices.

• Led efforts to transform the core e-commerce platform to SOA architecture for better scalability and off-loading non-essential parts of the platform to the cloud.

• Led various efforts for performance enhancements/stabilization of the e-commerce platform in handling heavy/burst loads during peak holiday season.

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