How to Become a Virtual Assistant in Australia

How to Grow a Virtual Assistant in Australia

Working from residence is the ultimate room of achieving a residence/ life balance once you have children, and becoming a Virtual Assistant is a great way of doing just that! If you worked in country offices in your onetime life or are handy on a keyboard, perhaps this is the excellent racket for you!

How to Beome a Virtual Assistant | Stay at Home Mum

What You Need to Grow a Virtual Assistant:

There are a few all-importants that you will need to have before you even start advertising for piece. We register them here for you 😛 TAGEND

A dependable computer A respectable internet contact with at the least 50 GB to allow for uploading and downloading of documents A word processing program such as Microsoft Word or G-Suite A spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets A emblazon printer Cloud storage such as Dropbox Public Liability Insurance An email address that you check regularly Business Placards with your contact details including email address. Good typing and grammar knowledge. Organisation skills The ability to use several computer programs.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant in Australia | Stay at Home Mum

Other thoughts you may or may not require depending on your contexts:

If you are trading under your own reputation, you won’t need to register your business appoint. However, if you have already thought of a wonderful mention for your business, you will need to register this with ASIC( The Australian Securities and Speculation Commission ). This does incur a cost, but it is essential.

Register your Business List with ASIC Apply for the purposes of an ABN amount Register for GST( check with the ATO viewing your earnings)

Although there are no formal qualifications for becoming a Virtual Assistant, qualifications are gaped upon favourably and there are a few really great online trends to look at that will not only are contributing to get a head start in your Virtual Assistant business, but will also look great on your Media Kit( which will will talking here greatly down this article !).

There is also some excellent Virtual Assistant software available that helps you to run your dominion at home. They include 😛 TAGEND Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a way of your clients being able to monitor what you do during the day. The planned takes a screenshot of your computer every ten minutes or so- and the customers can have access to this screenshot. This is particularly good if you have employees under you so you can monitor their work! It is also a great project management tool and a plaza you are able to collect all your folders and discussions involving a client.


Dropbox is a cloud-based enter sharing tool that is pretty outdated now, but quantities of parties still use it so it is probably good to have an note. You can set up a free detail and magnitude up as you need more and more online space.

Google Calandar

This App is brilliant- and if you haven’t started exploiting it all ready for your personal life – you should! Great way of using it to primed appointments, retain deadlines and even share with others.


Oh, I adore love cherish charity LastPass. You know how you need about a bisquillion passwords for everything in your everyday life? Well if you are working online, proliferate that by a hundred and that’s how many passwords you will need to remember. But not with LastPass – you only need one( one really shit-hot password)- and it recollects the rest of them for you! Makes life so much easier as you don’t have to reset passwords you have forgotten or look for that piece of paper “youve written” it on last-place experience you logged in. Utterly most recommend!

How to Market Your Wares as a Virtual Assistant

Once you have all the ticks and balances in place, it is time to start earning some money! And to do that – “youre going to” sell your business and get the word out there that you are looking for work.

You should do the basic marketing programmes such as 😛 TAGEND

Starting your own Virtual Assistant Facebook Page Go to neighbourhood business gratifies and incidents to tell people about what you do. Meet various Linkedin groups and Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups so you can meet other Virtual Assistants and trade information. Reproduce a Media Kit and drop it into regional jobs Have onetime joyful purchasers leave a review Check out our section on 50 Ways to Flourish Your Facebook Business Page for more huge intimates on marketing your small business.

Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups to Assemble:

Virtual Assistant Jobs Australia Virtual Assistant Network( Australia ) Virtual Assistant Jobs( US ) VA Institute Australia VA Directory

Upskilling to Grow the Best Virtual Assistant You Can Be

Although formal qualifications aren’t required to become a Virtual Assistant, it was better examines shit-hot to have some under your belt. And like starting any small business, you need to learn the ropes before you jump in hoofs first. The good act is that there are now variou’ Virtual Reality Schools’ whatever it is you is not merely learn how to be a Virtual Assistant, but you are able to position that direction on your Media Kit for future employers to look at.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant in Australia | Stay at Home Mum

Best Virtual Assistant Course in Australia:

Stay at Home Mum has done hundreds of hours of studies is putting forward the best good Virtual Assistant Course in the whole of Australia. The VA Institute. The VA Institute provides training, hands-on practical support for you during the start-up time. They offer three different and inexpensive learning programs.

The Six Week Accelerated Start Program( online give) The Six Week Accelerated Start Program( Face to Face Delivery) The two-day VA Start-up Intensive RETREAT( learn everything in a two day weekend, rate includes housing and banquets)

Why we desire them so much:

The VA Institute furnishes :

Your own business website setup and reinforce Business email account setup and assist Business Programme Electronic copies of indispensable business records Social Media review and put in VA Industry insider tips-off and subterfuges Payment Intention

Fill out my online form.

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What to Exchange?

So you are all set up as a Virtual Assistant, so now what? Now you need a’ planned’ of all the tasks that you are capable of in your new arrangement. You want to accentuate the things that you are good at- and leave the things you don’t know- out! If there is currently demand for a service that you have restraint acquaintance for- this is where you should upskill.

Not all Virtual Assistants do new jobs, in fact, if you specialise in a specific area, you could necessitate more fund for your services!

Putting all this information together is called a’ Media Kit’ or’ Rate Card ‘. I’ve enclosed a fake of mine for public speaking so that you can get a good project of what the hell is do. I situated it together in Canva( which is now being FREE) and a great room to get a professional inspecting Media Kit with merely a little bit of period and tenacity!

Think of a Media Kit much like a resume.

An example of things you should include on a Media Kit includes 😛 TAGEND

Typing Speed and Accuracy- rate per statement or per hour Computer Programs that you know are are competent in eg: Word, Excel, Photoshop Other skills such as data entering, social media administration Contact items including your email address and mobile count

Try and keep it to a single sheet if you can.

jody allen mentoring session | Stay at Home Mum

How to Price your Media Kit

As energizing as it is to become a Virtual Assistant and earn money whilst working from home, you still have responsibilities as a business owned. That includes taxes such as GST if you are earning over a certain extent, shielding yourself for superannuation, the overhead of new business rig or computer programs you need and remembering that “youve been” have no paid holidays.

You be required to take all your rates into account, and your experience when coming to a price.

On top of that, you may want to cost your services out for a whole enterprise, rather than an hourly rate.

A normal Australian Administrative Assistant or similar earns around the $25.00 per hour brand- and that can go up from there.

In Conclusion

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a great way to’ Future-Proof’ your career and is something you can always fall back on. Get the information privilege, upskill and learn how to do it the right way, good customer service and a keen demeanour will steer you well.

We wish you all the best!

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