27 Fun Corporate Team-Building Activities & Outing Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy

Starting to see some droopy shoulders around the department? Reverberates like it’s time to proposal a crew outing.

Team outings are a great acces to facilitate ligament with your unit representatives, reduce hire stress, and give them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office.

And, you know, they’re really fun.

But how do you find doctrines for a great unit outing? Perhaps you start with a Google search for “team outing ideas” and stumble upon an commodity that shows “field trips” and “professional development activities.” Sounds like a starting point, but where’s the real pleasure? Click here to unlock a free guide and template designed to help you create a  company culture code. 

Next day “youre planning to” an outing for your unit, chipped the rely fails and get one of these themes on the calendar instead.

Team Building Activities

Scavenger Hunt

What’s My Name?


Sneak a Peek

Board Game Tournament

Office Trivia

Improv Workshop

Two Truths and a Lie

Karaoke Night

The “Suddenly” Story

Go-Kart Racing

Concentration( Marketing Edition)

Professional Development Workshop

Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Room Escape Games

The Egg Drop Challenge

Laser Tag

Catch Phrase


Mystery Dinner

Kayaking/ Canoeing

Trampoline Park

Something Touristy

Painting Class

Cooking Class

Explore a New Place

Sports Game

Large Group Games 1. Scavenger Hunt

Find a beautiful period, transgress everyone out into radicals, and have a scavenger hunting around the city. You can coordinate one yourself, or use an app like Stray Boots. Your team will feel delightful and revitalized after some fresh air and enjoyable provokes. Be sure to make abundance of goofy pictures — you can even have a slideshow when everyone regroups at the end.

Four people on a scavenger hunt, a team building activity for large groups

2. What’s My Name?

You might have seen this sport toy before. It goes by different identifies, and the more people who frolic, the very best it is.

What’s My Name is an activity where each player is assigned the call of person or persons — dead or alive — and displays that figure on their back, ability, or part of their body such that simply the other participates can predict the epithet. You can write these figures on index placards or Post-it observes. Once we all have been assigned a word, the players mingle with each other, treating their coworkers the space they’d discus the person listed on that coworker’s placard. They can also ask about their own hidden name until they correctly suspect who they are.

What’s My Name has no further involved conventions or possibilities for competitiveness. It’s simply an empathy-builder — a crucial part of good company culture — granting employees to find out what it would be like to be treated the mode someone very different from them might be treated every day.

3. Cook-Off

Here’s a culinary team-building act who are able to intention in dessert or calamity — in a entertaining room. Making new bowls together necessitates invention and will require everybody is leant their squad and lead abilities into action. Part your unit into smaller teams, pick a menu list, and challenge each team to whip up something luscious. The category could be anything from ice cream, to salsa, to pizza.

One fun twist you could contribute? Pick a single ingredient that all teams must use, like maple syrup or Oreos. Or, have each team get imaginative with the shape of its menu — you are able to utter pizzas into almost any shape.

Group of female coworkers in an ice cream cook-off

Source: Teambonding.com

4. Sneak a Peek

What do you get when you supplement a test of remembering to a game of pictionary? Sneak a Peek. In this competition, people break off into groups of at least four and take turns recreating objectives from memory.

Using LEGOs, clay, building block, or a similar adjust of construction items, one competition ruler will craft an objective or organization for every group to recreate. A member of each group then has 10 seconds to “sneak a peek” at such structures( which is now being masked from position ), return to their radicals, and describe what they attended to their radical representatives so they can recreate it.

Each group has their own LEGOs, clay, or building block. If after a instant of recreating such structures, it isn’t ended, another member of each group sneaks a 10 -second peek at video games leader’s objective and comes back to further inform different groups. This pirouette continues until working group is confident the government had recreated its consideration of this agenda item. The object of the game? Be the first group to recreate it.

Not only does this recreation help employees rehearse project management, but it shows you how to accomplish tasks using input from a variety of sources. It’s likewise only a amusing nature to see how good your coworkers are at retaining information.

5. Board Game Tournament

Here’s one way to precipitate your squad members’ competitive surfaces without having to leave the department. Plan a team-wide board game tournament. Extremely if your crew is pretty big, it might be easiest to pick a single recreation, then have people sign up for specific time slots when they’re free to leave their desks and waste some time dallying the game.

Some enormous activities with tolerable play-act experiences include Boggle, Jenga, or even games working good ol’ dallying posters. Don’t forgotten to incentivize with honours for first, second, and third place.

Three male coworkers playing in a board game tournament

Source: Glassdoor

6. Office Trivia

Who says trivia night simply makes targets at the bar? Office trivia is the perfect practice to generate a large group of colleagues together and objection the ability in the regions don’t certainly apply to their daily errands. Break the company into units of four or more and give small rewards for the teams who tally the most points.

Want to write your own trivia questions? For invoke, trivia questions are generally grouped into categories — four or five trivia questions per category — with optional bonus questions at the end of video games. While you can give each question a moment quality, you can also assign each team one particular extent of degrees per list that they can bet, instead. Each crew is available to speculation as numerous or as few qualities as they want per question until they’ve exploited all their spots for that category.

Not prepared to create your own trivia questions? Hire a trivia organization to host a trivia light at its term of office. There are tons of national trivia fellowships who’d be happy to host an event right on site — District Trivia, The Trivia Factory, and the Big Quiz Thing are just a few of them.

Small Group Activities 7. Improv Workshop

Comedy and improv occurrences are amusing, interactive know-hows that’ll have your employees hooting with laugh while teaching them beneficial communication and soft talents, like focus and trust. Depending on national budgets, you are able do anything from simply playing improv recreations with your employees to bringing in professionals to race competitive, fast-paced activities.

Improv workshop with a small group of coworkers

Source: Al-Jazeera

8. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a classic house party game, but it’s too an excellent icebreaker when integrating coworkers who don’t hitherto know one another.

Two Truths and a Lie is simple-minded: Start by organizing the group into a curve and utter all the persons the storey to introduce themselves. In addition to committing their epithet, nonetheless, each employee also says three situations about themselves — only two of which are true. It’s up to everybody else in the halo to approximate which explanation is the lie.

9. Karaoke Night

What better highway to get your employees to break out of their eggshells than to have them get up and sing some karaoke? You can even have a game for better group karaoke action. Bonus places if there are feather boas and cowboy hats involved. This works best for a more extroverted radical, so if your crew isn’t into strutting their material on stage, consider an idea on such lists that caters more toward those personalities.

Head of a microphone used for karaoke night, a team building activity for companies

Source: derekgavey

10. The “Suddenly” Story

If you’ve ever told fibs around a campfire, you might have told a variation of The “Suddenly” Story. This activity is the choose-your-own-adventure record of crew build activities. You’re not just telling a tale — you’re piecing a narrative together exercising the( often hilarious) imaginations of your coworkers.

To tell The “Suddenly” Story, gather your unit in a clique, and give the opening three decisions to a narration about anything. At the conclusion of its three decisions, say “Suddenly … ” and extend the story onto the person next to you. It’s their racket to take your three convicts and build on the floor with another three decisions, must be accompanied by “Suddenly … ” Each mention of “Suddenly” allows the narrative to take a turn. What that turn looks like is up to the next person in the circle.

The “Suddenly” Story helps people find ways of be built upon material that came before them, while also being innovative when all ears are on them. Try it the next time you want to get your department together for a end, and you’re sure to get everyone laughing.

11. Go-Kart Racing

Nothing like a bit competition to attachment a group together. An adrenaline-pumping event like kart hastening is a great way to get employees to interact with each other in a totally new and fun highway. Just make sure everyone give attention during the safety lecture.

Small group of coworkers going go-kart racing in red uniforms

12. Concentration( Marketing Edition)

Here’s a professional spin on the 1960 s game show. The original game show, announced Concentration, set 30 numbered tiles up on members of the board, each tile with an identical tile somewhere else on the board. What determined them identical? They had joining honours on the back. Over epoch, as contenders opened up more tiles, they had job opportunities select tiles they knew would match up and win the loot written on the back.

Businesses — peculiarly selling departments — can have a field day putting motto, slogans, and companionship names on the back of their own tiles and having actors match up every patch of the brand. As your business changes, you can even placed the names of your own makes, hires, and enterprise names on the backs of your tiles to see how well your coworkers know the company they work for.

Teamwork Games 13. Professional Development Workshop

Want to encourage your employees to bond while providing them with an opportunity to learn and significantly their job? Offer a shared learning experience either at your office, or at an off-site shop or seminar. The work could be specifically related to your employees’ positions, or it could be something broader, like trade negotiations or leader skills workshop.

Coworkers sitting around a lecturer hosting a professional development workshop

14. Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Jigsaw puzzles can be a laborious happen to put together alone. Maybe you have one set up at home and make progress on it for a couple of hours every weekend. Keep your countless brilliant peers on the action, however, and a jigsaw question becomes a enjoyable problem-solving defy. Break the company into squads for a multi-puzzle hasten, and suddenly you have a test of teamwork that electrifies the entire office.

Grab various copies of the same jigsaw riddle and turn your weekend activity into a race to look which unit can accomplish the puzzle firstly. Give pillages just like you would in video games of office trivia. Just is ensured each unit has the same number of people and elect your problem length wisely. A 1000 -piece puzzle, for example, might be a bit time-consuming for a team of only five or six people.

15. Room Escape Games

Here’s a great bonding act that requires lead knowledge, teamwork, reasoning, and persistence. Room escape sports — Escape the Room, Puzzle Break, AdventureRooms, etc. — have become a wildly popular team-building practice for radicals around the globe.

Here’s how it use: A group of beings goes “locked” in a office for one hour. During that one hour, they have to find hidden objectives, solve questions, and figure out clues to locate the key that are able to given them free. And it’s not easy: Only 20% of musicians actually make it out before the hour is up.

Escape the Room

Source: Escape the Room St. Louis

16. The Egg Drop Challenge

Chances are, you played this in academy or summer camp. The Egg Drop Challenge is a beloved tradition that challenges units of kids to create big formations around an uncooked egg in order to protect the egg from a high fall onto hard field. Each team is given specific items they can use to build the structure that protects the egg, but nothing more. So, why not furnish the same challenge to your coworkers?

Straws, newspaper, tape, and cardboard are only some common items provided during the Egg Drop Challenge — as you can see in the sample egg fortress below. For your coworkers, nonetheless, consider making it even more challenging and allow them to use simply anything available in the office.

The height of the fall is up to you, very, but be sure to set an altitude that’s compatible with information materials each crew has to work with.

Egg taped to four toilet paper rolls and a sponge for an egg drop challenge

Source: Buggy and Buddy

17. Laser Tag

Another enormous method to get your adrenaline shooting? A good age-old recreation of laser label. Not exclusively is it huge entertaining, it’s likewise an opportunity for employees to rehearsal their policy and logic knowledge, as well as teamwork skills. Bonus: Determine units ahead of time and have people dress up.

Group of coworkers playing laser tag as a teamwork game

18. Catch Phrase

In this classic party game, players team up and take turns describing words and mottoes to their teammates without saying the word or phrase itself. Phrases can include notorieties, expressions, or just simple thoughts acquired around the house. If my quotation is “needle in a haystack, ” for example, a clue I might give to my teammates could be “a pointy object buried inside raise equipment.”

Catch Phrase is the excellent lane to get your employees together and learn them how to communicate with each other.( Don’t annoy, everyone will be having so much fun, they won’t realize that’s what you’re doing .)

This game is often played with a basket of words on slip-ups of newspaper, but it became so popular, Hasbro made an electronic account.

Outings and Events 19. Volunteer

Giving time to support a good cause isn’t just good for the person; it’s too a great room for your unit members to bail. Place-based volunteering ideas include events like volunteering at a regional soup kitchen, helping build a Habitat for Humanity live, or extraditing endowments to children’s infirmaries during the holidays. Skill-based volunteering is a cool route to unfold your employees’ knowledge: It’s when your crew volunteers its time and uses its professional skills — anything from selling to app change to writing — to cure a nonprofit.

Try VolunteerMatch.org for either type of volunteering possibilities, and Catchafire.org for skill-based volunteering opportunities.

People standing outside with shovels and wood chips while volunteering, one of many team building activities for companies and corporations

Source: VolunteerSpot

20. Mystery Dinner

Mystery dinners are one of the most beloved habits here at HubSpot. On a single darknes, you send a group of tribes from various squads within your busines to dinner somewhere in your metropolitan( or at someone’s home ). The dinner is hosted by one of your company’s chairwomen and paid for by the company. These dinners allow random an organization of beings from the same corporation to waste an night chock full of good menu and conversation together.

What shapes them a whodunit dinner? The only happen players should know about the dinner ahead of time is the year and epoch. Then, on the afternoon the dinner is supposed to come about, communicate each group an email with the name of the restaurant they’re going to and who they’ll be going with, so they are in a position agree transportation together.

Optional: Return every dinner host the name of a diner or bar to invite everyone to congregate at once the dinners are over.

Mystery Dinner

21. Kayaking/ Canoeing

Nothing says “let’s work together” quite like trying not to end up in the spray. Want to take advantage of the outdoors? Grab a paddle and foreman down to the closest river for a great spring or time outing.

Many public creeks and ponds have boat residences where it is possible payment kayaks and canoes — and you can urge folks to hire multi-person ones and pair up with beings they don’t often work with.

Five coworkers kayaking on a company outing

22. Trampoline Park

Hey, who says trampolines are just for adolescents? Make your team to a trampoline park for some startle fun and a chance to work off the day’s stress. Numerous municipals have neighbourhood arranges with trampoline activities — if you’re in the Boston area, check out Skyzone for trampoline dodgeball and basketball games.

Team Outing Ideas: Trampoline Jumping

Source: Mustbeart

23. Something Touristy

Embrace your metropolitan! Pick a hot tourist end and go as a unit. You can even do a Segway tour.( Fanny carries: optional .) It’ll be fun to laugh at how goofy it feels to be a sightseer in your own city, and you might even learn something new.

Yellow Duck Tour boat on the water

Source: Wikimedia

24. Painting Class

If you’re looking for a slightly more loosen work, take a group depicting class. Paint Nite hosts painting first-class by neighbourhood creators at various forbids throughout major municipals for depicting on canvases, wine-colored glass( like in the picture below ), and so on. It’s a great style to let your squad representatives undo, catch up over some potions, and express their creativity.


25. Cooking Class

In the attitude for something a little more … culinary? Change up the usual outing to a bar or your local eatery, and try a cooking class. Through a service such as Kitchensurfing, you are able to hire a professional cook to come cook a fancy banquet for you in your residence or office kitchen. Between the multiple trends cooked before your eyes, your unit will have plenty of time to strike up a discussion and experience the delicious aromas.

HubSpot employees taking a cooking class

26. Explore a New Place

Few happens more amusing than get out of the town and exploring for a era. So, why not do it with your crew?

For large happenings — maybe on a quarterly basis, when you have more budget to use for jaunts — charter a bus and take your team to a brand-new residence. You can all take a historical tour of the new place, grasp lunch at a restaurant serving the town’s finest, or take in a local attraction together.


27. Sports Game

Round up the team and head out to a plays competition. What a fantastic path to rev up team spirit while combining both rivalry and camaraderie.


Source: Wikimedia

Now you’re ready to show your squad a great time while increasing their delight and creating a great corporation culture. And hey, you might just be the “cool boss” now. How cool would that be?

Want more? Read The Power of Teamwork: 31 Repeats That Celebrate Collaboration.

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