Got assigned a new task, not sure how to phrase it

Upfront, I want to apologize for the portion, and am eternally grateful for anyone who speaks the whole thought and offers suggestion. This is the last bit of my resume that I need to finish, but I can’t figure out how to do it, so i’ve been a) pushing it off and b) super stressed about it. That has shown itself in a way-too-detailed post, below.

About a month ago, I was ascribed a brand-new campaign at work( IT Manager for a large multinational consumer goods fellowship ). I likewise happen to be dusting off my resume for completely unrelated rationales( home relocation ).

The thing is, I don’t know how to term, in missile stations, what I do in a way that stirs it ogle “worthy” on my resume.( Even though I urgently need it on my resume for the PM label)

I’m hoping someone here can help.

First, a memo 😛 TAGEND This is not what I do. Or at the least it’s not my day-to-day. It’s maybe 10% of my weekly faculty, but I NEED to find a way to spin this into a healthful the projects bullet on my resume. The respite of my resume is people administration, and I certainly necessity the project role – I’ll upright my full resume for recall formerly I get this part down. If you’re an IT professional, you’re going to read through this and it’s going to sound like a clusterfuck. That’s because it is. This job is my conductors domesticated programme. Additionally, while I haven’t more been able to confirm this beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have a strong feeling that we’ve once paid for this when we renegotiated the larger contract this year( probably intentionally, because my Director is a better politician than she is either a administrator or an IT professional ). The decision of the bullet degree above is that even though I’m going to recommend NOT going through with this project, it won’t trouble and I’m going to be forced to push it through regardless. I don’t believe in this project( That’s what attains figuring out how to rotate in is so hard ), but I need it for the resume details. I won’t is still here to see it through to attainment anyways.

What the project is 😛 TAGEND I’ve been asked to do some breakthrough work to determine whether we should move forward with a project to implement a software/ service offering that our prime IT business contractor is offering.

What the application does 😛 TAGEND The application sets as an agent on federal employees PC, and rallies a cluster of data. Segment of this data WILL be used for a different parallel assignment that attempts to conduct real duration analysis of IT publications as they perform, and help diagnosis of issues with a kind of to be followed by play post-mortem of what the machine and user were doing when information systems encountered the issue. My component is that the application can take some of the employee data points, as well as some of the data we already have in SAP and was trying to associate each consumer into a different “persona”. The persona are supposed to help the HR and IT helpdesks provide better services to their patrons( none has been able to give me a specific utilize client to seeing how that data would help yet … but that’s a different topic than what this berth is about)

What I’ve is requested to do:

Basically, the who, what, when, where, why. Precisely, I’ve been tasked with more clearly identifying the desire, or why the helpdesks require this software, and HOW it helps them. After that, I’m supposed to figure out whether this is the right solution to the determined trouble. Ostensibly, if the project moves forward, I would continue to manage development projects through implementation.

What I’ve done so far 😛 TAGEND

I’ve is consistent with all the key stakeholders, I’ve figured out that everyone wants this fragment of application( mainly because it announces cool) but nobody can tell me the HOW.

Most of those discussions have gone something roughly like this 😛 TAGEND

Me: “Why do you want this? ”

Them: “It’ll facilitate me require my clients better attend! “

Me: “How does knowing someones persona help you equip you better charge? “

Them: “By curing me supply better care! “

Me: “Okay, lets try this from a different angle…If we install the agent on everyone’s computer, and it spits out this persona and I add it in a field in the ticketing plan, HOW will you use that persona promoting the quality of your service? “

Them:~ crickets~

Met extensively with the provider( rendition: pushed back against their fanatic pastime with dolalr ratifies in their gazes)

Performed the first round of Information Security risk assessments 😛 TAGEND I have my CISSP, so I administered this part on my own On the surface, things search good exclusively from an IT and architecture position. From a data privacy position, there is no cosmo where the Werks Council approves this thing in Germany/ Europe. It is not merely musters work usage statistics in real day( big enough of a headache) but it also actively analyzes that data to try to quantify work action and( abstractly) performance. No macrocosm where they approve this, specially since we’ve been on their shit list over the past time or so.

Determined that I could arrive at the same mixture( tell the order middle more about their customer in the ticket so they can help them better) purely through an additional discipline in SAP-HR that uses an algorithm to be addressed 4-5 already existing data points, and used to produce data point that could be fed into Service now )… without the cost…

I’m preparing to present my usefulnes barrier discus to the governance timber( chaired by my director, so again, I already know how this is going to go .)

It’s likely worth noting that at this point, it’s simply me. I won’t be assigned a unit until after the feasibility recall when I’m action fed the “opportunity” to run this project result to discontinue. I’m not especially worried about this from a resume standpoint because I have spate of beings management in the various aspects of my job/ resume.

So, what I’m trying to figure out is 😛 TAGEND a) What do I call myself for purposes of the present fragment? Projection director? Special project manager? Something else? b) How would I describe a project that doesn’t technically prevail hitherto? I was thinking of special project or detection campaign or something similar to indicate that I was being trusted to investigate this on my own, but that their wasn’t a lot of traditional PM work more. c) What 3-4 missiles do you think I should use now? brought forward by / u/ RammerJammerYlwHamr [ link ] [ commentaries ]

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