Coming to the end of a 5 year apprenticeship >> Applying for 2019 grad schemes in IT / tech / Business analysis / Project management

I have been with my first “serious” employer for 4 years now and have one year left of my apprenticeship intrigue. On this arrangement I move around different teams within the IT department networking, uncovering myself to numerous brand-new programmes and produces etc. On exceed of this I deserve numerous suitabilities with my last-place one being a degree.

I am keen to see what else is available outside this business by following a number of grad strategies with the aim of securing one of the roles as listed in the title( Title depends on the grad programme but the personas descriptions are very similar ). Any feedback you provide will be greatly relished!

The top info blanked out only has my list, email, telephone# and my linkedin profile.

Pg1 I moved into a new team literally a few days ago so my achievements are blank apart from a 1 liner. Is that fine? or do I pretend im still in the old-fashioned capacity? Pg 2 – I too labour weekends on top of my full duration task+ part time uni analyses, is it worth mentioning these additional roles? They are not exactly the best type of jobs but I need to pay the bills. Pg 2 – Do I need to include older work experience? If so, do I need to go into detail with a few bullet levels? I have the chamber but dont want to add it if its pointless!( appreciate 3rd image for example of my older chores) Pg 2 – I am scheduled for some the curricula of December but the grad schemes close applications by then … Prince2 is a great addition to a BA/ PM character so I feel like its a bit of a slam leaving it out when I will have earnt it by the time the job starts in 2019. Pg 2 – Additional info feels a bit tacked on – Btter way to include that info?

Pg 2 – The interview icebreakers feeld a little bit egotistical to me personally but one of the top announces now said to include something like that

https :// cWrXkCh.png page 1

https :// 2MVGxbV. png page 2

https :// 29 k4SUB. png older experience

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